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My First Juice Cleanse

Posted on April 27, 2015 at 1:59 AM
This week I tried a juice cleanse for the first time. I am a fairly healthy person who eats a balanced diet, my weight is in the healthy weight range and I do regular exercise. 

However I have struggled to shed a few kilos that crept on over summer and the usual calorie tracking / increased exercise has not shifted it. I felt like a juice cleanse might just be the clean slate my body needed to start responding like it used to.

Not really knowing where to start, I opted to go with a local company Pure Glow Cleanse, who offer a 3 day slow pressed juices, option. They were very supportive right from the word go with flexible start dates, preparation tips and a support emailed at the start of each day letting you know what to expect. Here’s how it went:

Prep Day 
Start eating lighter, non-meat meals, skipped my once-a-day morning coffee, no sugar or refined foods. I opted for boiled eggs and salad for lunch, juice bar fresh made juice for afternoon snack and vegetable soup for dinner. No problems here. Juices were delivered at 6pm for next day start! Hooray this is happening! I plan out what times I intend to drink each of the juices to best last throughout the day.

Day 1
Excited to start! The first juice is very light, pleasant tasting and refreshing. Seems to fill the coffee gap. I sip on this for 2 hrs. however by 9am my stomach is growling. I am sure my colleagues can hear it! I distract myself with work and wait a little longer before popping the next bottle open. I felt low in energy and skipped gym class for favour of walking 1hr instead. In hindsight I definitely did not drink enough water on day 1 and I suspect the headache that hit approx. 3pm was a combination of ‘where is my coffee? where is my water? where are the solid foods?’  response from my body. After a few hours of this light but persistent headache, I feel drained and opt for a 2hr earlier bedtime. I think I was sound asleep before my head even hit the pillow!

Day 2
Wake up and feel a lot better. No hunger pains. I go about my morning routine sans breakfast and coffee and sip on my juice. Feeling good. No headaches. Read email from Pure Glow Cleanse telling me congratulations for finishing day 1! Yes, I can do this! I note that it says drink plenty of water. Oops, aiming for 2 litres today as well as the 3 litres of juice. Day 2 was a breeze and I was able to last longer between the juices but I still didn't feel up to attending my usual gym class. Ended up drinking the last one just before bed because I forgot I had one left. Only side effect today was slightly dry lips. A bit weird, maybe I still need to drink even more water!

Day 3
On the home stretch! I feel lighter, and healthier. I feel I have more energy but not enough for my high impact gym class. I decide to put this off until tomorrow and walk for 1.5hrs instead. My support email tells me I should book in a massage. Oooh GREAT idea! I love the fact they acknowledge massage as a method of supporting and nurturing your body whilst aiding the detox process. I get through the day no problems and start planning the meals for the following day to ease back on to solid foods. I happily book a massage for myself for the day after my gym class, this was the earliest my Massage Therapist could see me.

Post Cleanse
I weighed in and have lost 2+ kg, hooray! I opted for small vegetarian meals throughout my day and went back to my gym classes. Gym buddies noticed I had been gone, asked if I had been on holiday as I look bright and energised. I tell them I had done a juice fast and wasn't sure how I would go with the class. To my surprise I managed to hit two strength based milestones that I had struggled to attain for months prior to the juice cleanse. Truly stoked with that result (especially since I had 3 days off gym!) my energy is through the roof.

So there was my first go at a juice cleanse. Have you done a juice cleanse before? What did you think? Have you experimenting with eliminating things from your diet to see how it made you feel? I would love to hear your experiences.

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